Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor - Part II

We are moving right along! If you haven't yet watched Part I of Questions You Should Ask Your Realtor, check it out here. In this Part II we cover several more great questions you should be asking. Don't hesitate to put your Realtor on the spot. If she's qualified for the job, she'll have no problem giving you some great answers.

Here are questions 6 through 11 as seen in the video above. For more detail on these, give it a watch.

  1. Will you provide me with a comparative market analysis (CMA) for my home?
  2. What specific marketing approaches will you use to sell my home?
  3. Can you recommend other service professionals to help me if I need it?
  4. What will I need to do to prepare my home for sale?
  5. Do I need to hire an attorney?
  6. What type of support and supervision does your brokerage provide you?

Be sure to watch Part III next week and watch the video above for the full context.