How To Handle The "I Don't Need To Sell" Seller

We all know this particular seller too well. "I don't need to sell so let's just list at my price and not do any price reductions. Oh, and by the way, what are you going to do to sell my house at my price?!"

Yup, this happens way too much. The result is overpriced listings that sit and sit, accumulating days on market and frustrating just about everyone. The video above covers what you can do to better identify if you have a real seller. Here is what you need to do...

  1. Find out the REAL reason why the seller is selling. Go beyond the surface and find out what are his true goals.
  2. Use every tool in your toolkit to help your seller visualize what it will take to achieve the ultimate goal. Use statistics, charts, carrying cost analysis, etc.
  3. If you continue to get push back, ask the seller, "What is your Plan B?" If he really wants to achieve a specific goal, what is the alternative if it is not achieved? Is he okay with spending his time and money in his current home instead of where he really wants to be?

Remember this key point, an unmotivated seller is not a real seller at all. If you cannot see eye to eye on the path forward you may want to walk away from the listing. You may have unique circumstances or situations so use your best judgement but the tips identified in the video above will help you get there.