How To Vacation As A Realtor

Doesn't it always seem like business only happens when you want to get away? Does that give you a bit of nerves when you're about to depart for two weeks of fun in the sun? Don't stress! Follow the instructions in the video above and enjoy your vacation.

Instead of being trapped in your hotel room, follow these four simple steps before your vacation:

  1. Get coverage. Find someone you trust to handle your listings and deals while you are away.
  2. Tell your clients. Your clients should be fully informed of your plans. They take vacations too and will understand your time away if you have a system in place to take care of them.
  3. Turn on your auto-responders and turn off your notifications.
  4. Refer out and schedule out potential new business. Don't let internet leads interrupt your fun, set up a system to automatically refer them to a colleague.

Oh, one more thing. HAVE FUN!