What Are You Worth?

Defending commissions can be challenging as a real estate agent. It usually has to do with a lack of confidence, belief or understanding of the value of your services as it relates to the price you charge. One thing is certain though; blaming discount brokers, for sale by owner services, Redfin, Zillow, technology, etc. is just an excuse. This is a matter of the value of the service you are actually delivering.

This is not a quick tip tutorial on how to increase your value, I want you to think about this one. So, I'm going to keep the text light and let the video do the talking here. I will leave you with this one thought; think about the commission check you get from your clients. Let's say it's $10,000. Are you delivering more value than that check is worth?

Enjoy the video, maintain confidence in your value and deliver a priceless service to your clients.