Four Things New Agents Must Do

Ahhh summer... Time to relax by the pool, hang out on the beach or think about launching a career as a real estate agent! Summer is when I get a lot of inquiries about becoming a real estate agent. So I've put together four "must dos" for someone just starting out in real estate sales.

It's confusing being new in this industry. There are so many opinions on what sales techniques you should use or the best way to land your first listing. While there is no magic bullet for immediate success, what I discuss in the video above is essential if you want to have longevity. Even if you are a veteran agent and you need a reset, look to these action items.

  1. Organize your database
  2. Start talking to people
  3. Develop a morning routine
  4. Schedule a weekly business meeting with yourself

Get the full detail behind these four items by checking out the video above. I know it may not sound sexy or exciting but these four things will be the foundation to your entire business. Pardon the real estate pun but running your business is like building a house; you can't do the fun stuff, like build out kitchens and bathrooms, unless you have a strong foundation.

This list isn't exclusive to real estate agents either. You can put these items into place in any business. The best part? You can start right now! So get to work.

Have a great day!