Control Your Calendar

All too often real estate agents are missing out on important personal or family time to work with clients. This doesn't always happen because work needs to get done but because agents are not in control of the scheduling. Does this sound a bit like you? 

Controlling your calendar will help increase your income per hour, create harmony between work and personal life thus helping you build a better business and live a better life. The video above goes into detail on strategies to help you better manage your calendar, but here is a quick run down of all that.

Start by blocking out your personal obligations and vowing not to move these appointments for anyone. Next, block off any time that you want to keep free for fun stuff. If you are thinking about planning a vacation, now is the time to mark that off as well.

Before getting started on time blocking your work day, make sure you have a solid morning routine that allows you to do something for yourself each day. Personal care is a must so you can have a healthy mind and body heading into work.

Here are some items you will want to block off time for throughout your day:

  • Customer calls
  • Calls into your database
  • Handwritten notes
  • Reviewing your hot list and warm list
  • Reviewing the local market and MLS
  • Pre-planned lunch meetings for conducting real estate reviews
  • Paperwork and marketing maintenance
  • General organization
  • Weekly in-depth review of your business

Mondays should be your day to recover from the weekend. It's a good day to conduct a full review of your business and plan some customer calls.

Tuesday through Thursday is great for time blocking notes, paperwork, marketing activities and previewing homes for clients. Pick two of these days to pre-block off lunch for real estate reviews as well.

Fridays are perfect for phone calls since people are generally in a good mood and willing to chat a bit. Also use this day to get prepared for your weekend.

Make sure to keep your calendar in your control. Do not move your pre-blocked activities for anything unless it is a conflict that absolutely cannot be resolved. Be sure to suggest times for meetings with clients so you can fit appointments into open spaces on your calendar.

Be sure to watch the video for full detail on this subject.

Now that you have control of your calendar you will be able to employ even more time saving techniques to help increase your income per hour.

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