Four Takeaways From Tech Connect at Inman Connect New York


Inman Connect New York kicked off the day with a jammed packed Tech Connect. There was so much great content that agents and brokers can use right away to improve performance. Here are just four key takeaways from today.

  1. Go LIVE
    You already know I am a huge fan of video but I must admit that I have not ventured into live video yet. I need to start doing this and so should you. Here’s why; it’s fast, it’s easy (except for the whole “holy $#*& I’m going live" thing), your follows get notified when go live and there is no editing required. Video content on social media gets viewed five times longer than static content and live video gets three times as many views as regular video.
  2. Think mobile
    This really isn’t a new concept as it has been talked about for years but what most agents and brokers hear is “be mobile.” Being present on mobile devices is not the same as connecting via mobile. Consumers thumbs are moving faster every day and get this, 45% of the 7 to 8 million people likely to move use Facebook ONLY on a mobile device. Make sure your mobile strategy helps consumers do one of three things; make a decision, learn something new (that they can’t easily find elsewhere), or take a specific action.
  3. Automate systems NOT relationships
    A theme that is championed by a lot of tech companies trying to help you be more efficient and effective is that you should not use technology to replace your relationships. Things like chat bots and landing pages are great for helping consumers gather information before they are ready to establish a relationship with a trusted advisor. Your relationships, though, are made stronger through personal touches and conversations.
  4. Don’t use technology for technology’s sake
    After conferences so many people run home sign up for new technology and want to immediately change everything. Stop. Make sure the technology you are exploring serves a specific business goal that does not already have support or serves a direct customer need. Develop an implementation plan so the technology gets used and measure the impact so you know it’s working.

I’m throwing in a bonus takeaway as this resonated with me a lot. When looking to recruit “techie” people to your brokerage or team, be aware of your tech savviness and make sure you really know how to qualify candidates. If not, get outside help.

Thank you to all the great speakers today! Looking forward to the rest of the week.