5 Reasons You SHOULD Become A Realtor

Congratulations! You are thinking about becoming a Realtor. Welcome to a life of prosperity!

Last week we talked about why you should not become a Realtor so this week we are flipping the script. Here are five reasons why you should pursue a career as a Realtor and they are going to sound a bit familiar.

1) Flexibility

Hate working the 9 to 5 because you often sit around doing nothing just to put in some face time? Being a Realtor is the job for you! You're not going to work less hours, but you get to organize your own schedule to make it work for you and your clients.

2) Money

The best part about earning income as a real estate agent is that you get out what you put in. This means your income cap is virtually limitless. A salary may provide some certainty but commissions based on your own effort provide opportunity.

3) It's Emotional

Of course it's an emotional business but that's good for you. Remember all the "bad" stuff we talked about last week? Well, if you keep a level head and stay focused on your clients, you will rise above the majority in this industry and stick out as a true expert.

4) Career Mobility

Climbing the corporate ladder isn't fun; so be your own boss! Maybe it's not that simple but you would be amazed at what you can do for yourself by growing a business as a real estate agent and building your own brand. There are a lot of opportunities within the real estate industry and even outside the industry that you can unlock from your success as a Realtor.

5) It's Hard Work

Yes and thank God this is hard work! That means not just anyone can perform well. Most new agents will wash out because they thought becoming a Realtor meant easy money. Take advantage of this; put in the hustle and you will be on your way to great success.

So there it is! Funny... the 5 reasons to be a Realtor happen to be the same as the 5 reasons not to be a Realtor. Which side are you on?

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