5 Reasons You Should NOT Become A Realtor

Thinking about a career as a Realtor? You're crazy!

A lot of people think that getting a real estate license is a great idea. The truth is that it's not all it's cracked up to be. Here are five reasons why you should avoid becoming a Realtor...

1) Flexibility

Managing your own schedule may sound like fun at first but it's not that simple. Turns out it's much easier to hit the snooze button than it is to wake up and make phone calls, create marketing and do pricing analysis.

2) Money

Steady income? Yeah, right! If you're a new agent it could be a while until you see a paycheck. Not only that, as a 1099 independent contractor, you have track all of your expenses and you probably won't receive any healthcare benefits from your broker.

3) It's Emotional

There are a lot of different personalities you will have to interact with as an agent. This isn't just clients you come across but also other agents. Some people just don't know how to separate emotions from business. If you don't like confrontation and can't keep a level head, you might want to choose a different career path.

4) Career Mobility

Hurray! You're at the top! Well, where do you go from there? If you're not content with being a Realtor as your long term career or you don't have the vision to see how you can go beyond the average real estate agent, you may have hit your limit. The only career advancement opportunities are the ones you make. You're not getting an offer for that rich and famous contract just because you're you.

5) It's Hard Work

Who knew this would be so hard? It looks so simple on TV... Turns out that people don't just come running when you tell them you have a real estate license. Managing listings, clients, transactions AND your own marketing is really tough! It takes a lot of discipline and effort to get it right.

Based on those reasons, maybe now is not the time for you to become a Realtor. Does that sound strange coming from a Realtor? Maybe...

But next week, we have the five reasons why you DEFINITELY should become a Realtor.