Help Others Manage Change - Welcome to 2018!

Happy New Year!

How is 2018 treating you so far? I hope it is nothing short of fantastic. If you are facing some challenges this year, don't worry, you can still turn it around. This final week of January is typically when we see a lot of those new year resolutions start to slip. With a lot of new year distractions and hopefully an active market place, that business plan you prepared for this year might start to take a back seat too.

Don't let this happen! Also, don't beat yourself up if you're falling a bit off track. Just take a deep breath and get right back to it. 2018 is going to be on fire and you need to have the right focus and be in the right mental state to take part in all of the great things that will happen this year.

How do I know that this year will rock?! Two things really. First, many markets are continuing to experience low demand and high inventory. Even with the crazy winter weather there are buyers seeking off-market listings so they can write an offer on something. Second, there are buyers and sellers all of the country that did not buy or sell last year. Not because they did not want to, but because their agent failed to guide them properly.

I hate to see the latter happen and you should too. There is something you can do about this to be sure that no buyer or seller misses out on the right opportunity. Be a proactive real estate advisor. No matter if your market is vibrant or stagnant, there are lost or confused consumers out there who need your help.

Here is the mindset shift; you are not here to transact real estate. You are here to help people manage life changes.

Go through your contacts and ask yourself, "are any of these people going through a major life change?" Are they getting married? Getting divorced? Having babies? Becoming empty nesters? New jobs? Financial struggles? Etc. etc. etc.

Put those people on a list and start paying a bit more attention to them. Get in a good flow with them and seek out areas where you can add value. Soon enough you will become their chosen real estate advisor.

I don't want to here any more complaining about how many agents there are in your market, that there are no listings, that buyers aren't buying or that the market is too slow. When you are complaining about that, you are thinking about yourself and not the people on that list. That list has the people who will likely be buying or selling and they'll need your help.

Here's another secret. People going through life changes tend to roam in packs. Build a strong relationship and maybe they'll introduce you to their friends.

I'm fired up for this year. Let's make 2018 our best year yet.