Stop Worrying About Other Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are known for worrying about each others' business. Where did he get that lead from? How come she got that listing? Then all they do is focus on scale. How can I increase my lead flow with this new technology platform? STOP! Focus on things that don't scale; one to one relationships.

Just because there are a lot of real estate agents does not mean there is a lot of competition. Most agents do not perform well, so why are your concerned about their business? National Association of Realtors statistics show that agents are fantastic at dropping the ball when it comes to long term relationships. Over 75% of buyers and sellers would use their agent again on their next transaction but less that 20% actually do.

If you want to grow your business to a healthy level, stop worrying about the agent next to you and focus on building trustworthy relationships. I'm talking real relationships where you aren't trying to suck a transaction out of every person you meet. Focus on the people you talk to by asking questions about them. Find out what excites them, what causes them pain and figure out ways to help them when in need.

The best part about building quality, trustworthy relationships is that they will do the scaling for you by giving you access to another sphere of influence.

So this week my message is simple. Stop paying attention to other real estate agents and start paying attention to the people right in front of you.