The Best Buyer Brochure

Are you using the best buyer brochure?

We talk a lot about how to get sellers prepared for the home selling process, but what about buyers? In additional to a great buyer interview, you should be using a buyer brochure (or buyer packet) as part of your process. A buyer packet is a packet of valuable information that includes everything the buyer needs to know about the home buying process in your area and what it will be like to work with you.

The National Association of Realtors 2016 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers shows that 61% of all buyers and an outstanding 80% of first-time buyers said that one of the most valuable benefits of having a real estate agent is to help them understand the process! So why not do a little bit of work up front and help your buyer clients do some due diligence? Clear up any confusion and put together a buyer packet that includes this information:

  • Your biography
  • Testimonials from buyer clients
  • Information about your brokerage
  • A summary of the home buying process
  • General information about towns and neighborhoods
  • Suggest vendors; mortgage lenders, attorneys, inspectors, etc.
  • A copy of the purchase contract
  • Any disclosures you are required to share from your state or association

Customize this packet for each buyer. It is a great way to welcome them and make them feel special.

Use the buyer packet to your advantage in conducting due diligence on potential buyer clients. Invite them to meet you at the office so you can share and review the packet. If they do not want to take the time to consume some extremely valuable information about the process maybe they aren't that serious. Also use the buyer packet as a segue into a discussion about agency. This is your opportunity to determine whether or not a buyer already have a relationship with another agent.

So don't let your buyers wander through their home search with confusion. Provide clarity with your very best buyer brochure!

Good luck with your buyers and have a great day.