Turn It Off

Elite athletes use recovery to improve performance and so do elite business leaders. You've been working hard and have put everything in place so that you no longer need to be connected 24/7. You deserve to be 100% in on time with family and friends.

There are no secret tricks to this; just shut it down and enjoy.

If you're having a little anxiety about this put these tips into action:

  • Utilize the 'Do Not Disturb' function on your phone at night
  • Leave the phone at home or in the car on date night
  • Schedule your down time on your calendar
  • Don't be shy about telling people you may be unreachable for a short while

Follow along with the time management tricks we've been discussing the past few weeks and turning off will be easy. Don't get stuck in the constant battle for work-life balance. Go all in on life, harmonize it with work (but make sure you hustle) and you will build a better business and live a better life.