Marketing Killing Your Brand?

If your marketing program is not aligned with your brand, then you could be missing out on a lot of business. Is there a difference between branding and marketing? YES!

Your brand is who you are. It's how you present yourself, how you interact with others, the energy you send out into the world. This is what attracts people to you which is why we talk so much about relationships in sales. Relationships are stronger and better maintained when a person has a particular affinity for a brand. This ultimately leads to sales.

Wait, doesn't marketing lead to sales? Yes... it can, BUT if the marketing message does not match the brand then achieving sales can be a challenge. What's important to understand is that we are all salespeople, no matter what industry you work in or role you have within that industry. For this reason, branding (personal branding specifically) is much more important.

There is a difference in how you will feel about branding versus marketing. Branding is a long-term game. You cannot be focused on the return on investment from your branding activities. Marketing on the other hand is specifically designed to generate short-term ROI. If you are not seeing results quickly, you'll probably change up your strategy. This is not something you can do with your brand because that would mean changing who you are with the snap of your fingers.

Side note here since I didn't say this in the video... if you're not a good person (which I know all of you are good people so maybe share this with someone who needs some work) then you should sit down to evaluate your own brand and contemplate a change...

I could go on rambling about this topic which is probably why it took me so long to make a video about it. Check out the video and remember the bottom line... build your brand, share it, add value and play the long game.