The Two Most Powerful Words

You've heard me say it before and you'll probably hear me say it again; what you focus on expands. This concept finally made it into my head when I attended my first Ninja Installation. I've been lucky enough to explore the concept further and now as a coach I talk to people a lot about affirmations and the power of positivity.

Recent conversations have led to the video above. In an attempt to simplify the exercise of affirmations let's use the two most powerful words... I AM.

Using these words to change your mindset, to change your business, to change your life is not easy. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. We tell ourselves that we want to achieve something and then turn around and say it's not possible.

This challenge can be overcome. Just as you improve your health and fitness through repetition, so can you train your brain to accept a new reality. Your non-conscious (or sub-conscious if you prefer) has all the information you need to chart the right path towards success, it just needs to be unlocked. Using "I AM" in the present tense with positive energy will do this.

Don't worry about the results yet, just visualize your new reality and let your brain and the energy around you determine the how and the when. Practice every single day. Wake up with gratitude, visualize your affirmation and you will soon see some great things happen.

I know this is not ground breaking stuff. You've heard me talk about it, you've seen other people talk about and maybe you've even read books like The Secret. So my challenge to you is to start using the power of I AM. What do you want to be? Let's affirm it and enjoy this journey to success together.