REALTOR® Safety Month

I recognize that you probably have been receiving more than enough safety tips this month but this is an important topic and I want to share some things with you. Firstly, pay attention to your safety and the safety of others throughout the entire year. We dedicate one month to talking about it but this is a full year activity.

If you already have some best practices and a solid plan in place, fantastic! If you don't, here are a few ways to start:

  • Strength In Numbers - Try not to sit open houses by yourself and certainly do not advertise that you will be somewhere alone. Use "we" and "us" often. For example, "Join US this Sunday..." or "WE will be hosting..."
  • Meet Clients At The Office - When meeting someone for the first time, please do not do it at a vacant home. Set up a meeting in the office or a public place. This is not only a good safety practice, it's a good business practice.
  • Use A Flashlight - Take advantage of light and do not show homes after dark. Carry a flashlight not only so you can see but some of these small, high-intensity tactical flashlights can temporary blind an attacker.
  • Be Aware Of Your Surroundings - Take a few moments when approaching a property to look around so you know what is there. Try not to park your car in a position where it could be blocked in and always look for the quickest exit.

If you have additional tips, please share them in the comments or shoot me a note and I'll share them on social media.

One more thing. Be sure to let someone know where you are going when conducting business and consider using a location tracking app like Life360 (it's free!).

Together we can keep each other safe.