It's Been Over A Year! Thank You!

I started this blog and these videos over a year ago. Your support has been unbelievable and I cannot thank you all enough. I wanted to use this opportunity to make a quick video to simply say, thank you.

There is a whole lot more coming for year two of this endeavor. We are working on a few different things and I'll be testing our a few different formats for videos and content. I would love to hear your feedback on the things we do here and to send in your thoughts on things you would like to see. I'm going to commit to hosting more episodes of Listing Day LIVE over on my Facebook page and I'm even working on a podcast that will be focused on Life-Work Harmony (instead of work-life balance).

For now, it's the start of the fourth quarter. Keep your head down and accelerate through the end of the year and crush your 2017 goals. There is still plenty of time to make things happen, all you need to do is take action. If you are stuck on something or are holding back for whatever reason, let me know how I can help.