Use The Power Of The Pen!

Some will say that the handwritten note is a lost art. I just think we're all lazy. It really is easier to type out a text or an email sometimes, but is that delivering the same kind of value?

Handwritten notes are a great way to deepen relationships and add value but what types of notes are best? The typical notes do a decent job; happy birthdays, happy anniversary, happy holidays, etc. but the best notes are the ones that the recipient does not expect. These would be genuine thank you, congratulations or thinking of you notes.

If someone does a nice deed for you, send them a handwritten thank you. This will do a much better job of expressing your thanks than a simple text or email.

Throughout your daily routine you probably notice plenty of things on your social media feeds or within you typical conversations that are worthy of a "congratulation." Perhaps it's a friend's child who performs well at a weekend recital or a neighbor who finally got that big promotion. These are great instances to celebrate with kind words.

Do you ever think of people, rattle their names around in your head a bit and then just let it go? Share that good energy! If someone comes to your mind and you have a genuine interest, drop that person a note and share your thoughts.

Great, now you are on the path to writing more notes. This will help strengthen your relationships and could lead to more referrals for your business. Speaking of business, how about putting your business card in these notes? Or perhaps using a lot of corporate branding or inserting a tag line about how you always have time for their referrals?



Think about it. If you are putting your business card in a note that is being delivered to someone who knows you, you're just being annoying. Same thing with the referral tag line. You are basically writing an incredible note with positive energy and intent, then killing it with a statement that basically says, "I'm only writing you this note so that you don't forget to send ME business."

Branded stationary is okay in certain situations, particularly if the note is about business (thanking a client for example) or related to a professional connection. If a note is personal, however, a genuine thank you, congratulations or thinking of your moment, ditch the branding and make the note about the person receiving it.

So there you have it, note writing actually is not a lost art.