Healthy You, Healthy Business

Why do you think airline safety instructions tell you to secure your oxygen mask before helping others? Right, it's hard to help anyone if you can't breathe. The same goes for your business. A healthy you is a healthy business.

During spring market many real estate agents tend to rework their priorities. Running around from property to property occupies a lot of time and two things that often get left behind are exercise and diet. Don't let this happen to you! A healthy body feeds a healthy mind and together they help you grow a healthy business. Here are a few easy things you can implement right away that will help you out.

  • A strong morning routine. Start out by waking up just 15 minutes earlier than you currently do. This will not make you tired and will give you the time to get your energy focused before starting the day. Pick up a copy of The Miracle Morning and give it a read. It's amazing what you can accomplish in just a few minutes a day.
  • Exercise in the morning every day. This can be tough if you're not currently a "morning person" or if you have a solid evening exercise routine in place. You don't need to change anything dramatic here, just get the blood flowing. Consider some jumping jacks or a quick workout video before you take your morning shower.
  • Eliminate added sugar from your diet. If you love soda you will hate this. However, just this little change can have major positive impacts on your health and energy. Not only does added sugar add unwanted body fat but it can also make you lethargic. If you need an energy boost, have a glass of water and jog in place for a minute, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  • Keep healthy snacks near you throughout the day. Don't starve yourself so you stuff your face with a huge afternoon lunch or are reaching for the high calorie candy bars. Have some nuts or fruit at the ready and snack a little throughout the day. This will keep your energy levels even and you'll avoid that afternoon fade.

Okay, I'm not a fitness professional, a nutritionist, nor am I perfect. I did change my lifestyle over a year ago to include these elements and the impact has been tremendous. I am happier, healthier and much more productive.

Don't be scared to get started, ease into this routine a step at a time. Keep at it and soon you will see results that you are more than pleased with. Remember, you can't effectively help others unless you take care of yourself first.