NAR vs. Zillow & The 2018 Market CRASH!

The NAR vs. Zillow fight continues on. I feel like this is becoming the never ending battle resulting in ZERO progress. Well, for NAR anyway. Zillow continues to do what they do.

There is also a real estate market crash coming, or at least that's what a lot of people are saying. A market shift is certainly here.

I'm not going to accompany today's video with a lot of written words but here are some bullets on the two topics listed above:

  • NAR is too focused on other companies innovating while they remain stagnant
  • Is Zillow becoming a broker? Not yet.
  • Will NAR stop worrying about controlling data that isn't theirs? Probably not.
  • Do we have a consumer confusion problem in the industry? Maybe.
  • Is there a crash coming? Maybe, maybe not. Stagnation is likely, in my opinion.
  • Pricing properly is (and it really always was) very important in today's market.
  • Value added service through strong relationships and problem solving is key to differentiation and surviving any market.
  • If you have not yet looked at the strength of your business from a balance sheet perspective, you should probably do that soon.

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Matt BonelliComment