Often seen as a competition but this comparison is also often misunderstood. Coaching is not training and training is not coaching. Both are important and can accelerate your success. So what are the differences? I give my detailed opinion in the video above but here is a simple way to put it:


Training is basically the transfer of knowledge. You sign up for a training with the expectation that you will be given a system and the knowledge for a set of skills that you can take and put into practice. Training is typically static and one-directional.


Coaching is real time analysis and accountability to help you stay on the path towards success. A coach is your guide to help you actively manage the skills you have for effective execution. Coaching is dynamic and multi-directional.

Those are extremely simple definitions. I add more detail in the video above but know that while the two are different, both can return a great ROI for your business if you select the right training and coach for you. Make sure you do a bit of research before committing yourself, and your money, to something.

Both training and coaching can play a big role in your success. Have you planned for or thought about the role a quality training program or a committed coach can play in your business? If after watching the video you still have questions about coaching or training, drop me a message.

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