How To BOOST Confidence


It's been a little while. I appreciate your patience this summer as I continue to work on a few things for myself and also for the future of this newsletter, my blog and some additional projects.

I did want to get a message out to you today on the topic of CONFIDENCE.

I've been speaking with a lot of new real estate agents lately and a common theme is the focus on a lack of confidence. This does make sense, when you are new to something it is difficult to feel confident when you don't know what you don't know. The question is, how do we build confidence quickly and be confident when we know we lack knowledge?

I have a lot of mindset conversations with my clients. We talk about affirmations, shaping a positive mind, starting every day with gratitude, etc. This is all great stuff and it works. However, I have another action item that can help too; commitment. Specifically, a commitment to EXCELLENCE.

When we lack confidence, we assume we are not going to do things to our best ability. We blame the lack of confidence on why we don't perform. When you commit to excellence, there is no time to acknowledge the lack of confidence. As I say in the video above, committing to excellence is not the same as being overconfident or naive, but rather focusing in on doing the absolute best you can in everything that you do.

So, if you are experiencing a lack of confidence, move your focus over to being the best you can be at EVERYTHING you do in your daily life. Commit to excellence in every action and see where it leads you.

I know it's a short and simple message today. If you have any questions on this, feel free to reply to this email or hit me up on one of the many social media platforms.

Hope you are having an incredible summer!

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