Fix Your Email Marketing!

How awesome is it to receive the same exact email from several different real estate agents, at the exact same time?! Exactly, it's awful. You delete every single one.

If you're sending a generic email newsletter, this is happening to you. To fix this problem, here's what you need to do.

  1. Think about your audience FIRST. Do not put your content first. Who is your audience? What challenges are they facing? What brings them joy or inspiration?
  2. Create the content that speaks to your audience.
  3. Make it look decent.
  4. Send it out.
  5. Gather feedback. LISTEN to your audience.
  6. Make it better.

Yes, this does take work and I go into more detail in the video above. Creating valuable content should not be easy but it can be simple. A little up front work to make your email marketing more valuable will go A LONG way and save you time in the future.

If you have examples you want to share that have worked well for you or if you want feedback on your email newsletter, send it over to me, I'm happy to take a quick look.

Matt BonelliComment