Change Can Save You!

Okay so the video didn’t turn out to be as short as I thought it would be but there is a lot of good stuff in here. Many of you may be experiencing overwhelm. It could be from being really busy, it could be from not knowing where to start. Either way, the solution can be simple. It starts with mindset and routine.

Here is the reader’s digest of the video…

To break the overwhelm, establishing a routine or new habits is key. It is also hard to do. Start simple. Crazy simple. If you want to start waking up at a certain time, for example, just set the alarm and wake up. Don’t worrying about adding extra activities. Just wake up consistently for a couple of weeks.

The real estate review challenge can be approached this way too. Feeling overwhelmed? Start by creating just one real estate review. Just make the document. Don’t worry about making the phone call or scheduling a meeting, just make the document. Then make another. Whatever happens next is gravy. Once you are comfortable, start making calls, having appointments, etc.

That’s the routine side of the video. To move beyond stagnation, though, you also need to believe you can. You actions follow your mindset. If you mindset says, “I don’t have enough time,” or “I can’t,” then that is exactly what will happen.

This self-talk is your brain protecting your from change. Acknowledge this, say thank you, then dismiss that self-talk and believe what that you will accomplish your goals.

You may be saying, it’s not this simple. You’d be right if that’s what you’re saying and you’ll see that result. Why not disengage for a second though and just let it flow. What’s the worst that can happen? Take action without judgement and watch your business boom. It may not happen tomorrow but if you’re up 100% by this time next year, I bet you’re going to be pretty happy.

I hope this video connected with you. If you know someone who needs to hear a message like this, feel free to share or just tell them yourself. Having a support team that is forward thinking can only help you accelerate towards your goals.

Have an amazing week!

Matt BonelliComment