Q4 Challenge! Real Estate Reviews - Part 2

Last week we covered the FHFA.gov HPI report and talked about how to get these real estate reviews started. I wanted to add to that this week by showing you a couple of examples of a full real estate review. These can be simple or detailed but either way should be relatively easy to put together.

Click here for the simple example I just put together (this took maybe 15 minutes)

Click here for the more detailed example from a few years back.


Create a list of your clients that closed fourth quarter 2017 and 2016. Create real estate reviews for all of them. Call them up and schedule a face to face session to go over the information.

If you are new or don’t have closings from the last couple of years, look to close family and friends to start getting these going. Also, don’t hesitate to follow up with the people who ask you the MOST FAMOUS REAL ESTATE QUESTION IN THE WORLD! “How’s the market?” Schedule a review with them too.

Good luck! This fourth quarter is going to rock!

Matt Bonelli1 Comment