EPISODE 78: This Simple Activity Will Transform Your Business


What if we told you there was one “simple” activity to schedule each week that would make your transactions runner more smoothly and would produce more referrals? You would do it in a heartbeat, right? Customer Service Calls will do both these things when done consistently, on a set day each week, yet many agents don’t schedule the time to do them. These calls should be the easiest calls to make each week; you have a built in “reason” to be reaching out. Whether a transaction is going smoothly, a listing is not getting showings, a client is purchasing their 10th home with you… your client still needs that call each week! It is an opportunity to be the advisor and be a professional; answer questions, ease concerns, inform about next steps, and simply be felt as an active participant. Also, this is a gold opportunity to reign in some of the phone calls and texts that impede your family and personal time.

In this episode of NINJA COACHING Coast to Coast, Garrett Frey and Matt Bonelli, give some time to this often overlooked activity that can easily give you more control of your business. They talk about some examples of where agents are missing the boat without scheduling this activity and how it is a prime opportunity to be interacting positively with your best referral sources… current clients! And importantly, they discuss WHO should be included in these weekly calls.

Do you have a repeating scheduled time on your calendar for “Customer Service Calls”? Are you reaching out to ALL your clients? How do you set expectations with clients when you start working with them? If this is a relatively new activity for you, what has been the biggest noticeable change in your business?

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