EPISODE 77: You Get Paid to Make Personal Phone Calls


Let’s be honest, there are some pretty cool things about making your living in real estate or lending. One of those things, is the fact that your “job” includes making time in the work day to make personal phone calls! Seriously, how many jobs out there encourage you to invest in your personal relationships? How many jobs out there do you actually make more money if you are better at making personal phone calls? In real estate and lending, you can actually get a raise. This is what flow is all about.

In this episode of NINJA COACHING Coast to Coast, Garrett Frey and Matt Bonelli, discuss personal phone calls at work. Specifically they dive into why (and how) you should be making them if you re looking to grow your business. This is the POWER behind the hour of power. And in all seriousness, it is a very simple, but fun formula for success.

Do your people feel like you are “checking a box” when you call or do they feel like you are genuinely interested in them? What tricks or tools do you use to get into the right mind frame before making your calls and connect with your people on the phone?

Matt BonelliComment