Content Strategy For Your Brand & Marketing

How many of you received several emails and notifications about last weekend's time change? Did you send one out too?

I'm not saying that this kind of marketing is bad, but it is kind of lazy and generic. A few posts ago, we talked about why branding is more important than marketing. Now let's talk briefly about the content strategy behind that.

Many (and this means LOTS) of real estate agents opt for the generic content strategy when it comes to email newsletters, social media and postcards. I did this once upon a time, too. Generic content isn't all bad; there are some tried and true informative topics that are common to the industry. The problem comes when that generic content begins to rule your entire strategy. This is when marketing starts to overrun your brand.

Two things to think about when creating your content strategy. The first one we already know, it needs to relate to your brand. The second, it needs to ADD VALUE.

Value added content comes in many shapes and forms, including the basics we all know; like spring cleaning tips, curb appeal ideas, best and worst home renovations, and market statistics. Your content does not have to be bound to industry specific things, however. You can create content about your neighborhood, your hobbies, your passions, and more.

Two examples for you:

Mor Zucker and her blog, The Denver Ear. What started as a passion for her city turned into a branding powerhouse. She's talked about this and other topics at Inman Connect (her most recent presentation here).

Kris Lindahl and his Vikings billboard in Philadelphia. Recently featured as an Inman article, I was intrigued, so I looked into Kris' other marketing and most of it is fun, adding value with smiles. I particularly liked what he said in an interview with Inman that his $20,000 billboard was "more of a brand play..." It worked too.

Does this mean you need to spend oodles of money and time developing content to support your brand and marketing? Not necessarily (but it does clearly work), but what this demonstrates what value added content can do. It can make people feel emotion, it can provide quality information (unrelated to current real estate listings), it can provide entertainment, and yes, it can also help you stay top of mind.

This stuff is not easy, I will admit. Keeping up with creative and quality content takes effort, but if you compare what Mor and Kris have done to that time change e-card, you begin to see the difference.

Start simple. Try to add a few content pieces to your marketing that fall into these categories:

  • Education - market statistics, homeownership tips, etc.
  • Information - what's happening around town?
  • Knowledge sharing - post and article you like and share your opinion.
  • Entertainment - something fun to make people smile.

I would love to see what you all come up with so share your ideas with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, the comments on this page, where ever! Or post up some links to other people who you think are killing it with their marketing and let's do some idea sharing.

Hmm... I think I still need to change the time on my oven. Only if someone had reminded me. :)