Your Weekly Action Plan

One week into 2019, have you started to execute?! You've already put in the work to build a business plan, now you must take action. Today I am talking about four things that you must include in your weekly routine.

  1. Weekly Planning Meeting - Click here to download our Monday Morning Agenda worksheet to use as your guide for this meeting.

  2. Customer Service Calls - Dedicated day and time every week. Be sure to ask F.O.R.D. questions!

  3. Hour of POWER - At least two hours total per week, split up however you like.

  4. Face Time - Plan in at least to lunches, coffees, breakfasts, beers after work, etc. and get face to face with your people.

Yes, there is more that goes into a full weekly routine, but this is a great start. If you want to see our full weekly routine, click here to download a copy.

Matt BonelliComment