Stop Zillow?

BIG week last week for the real estate sales industry. First NAR had their moment and then Zillow. Not surprisingly this created some active comment sections at the bottom of articles and a lot of discussion on social media. What's this all about though, really?

Is Zillow the problem? Or is the lack of innovation from within the problem? Or maybe it's just that a lot of real estate agents don't want to build and maintain relationships and would prefer to be just a transaction agent. If that's the case, those agents are going to lose.

The human element within a real estate transaction is going to continue to get diminished as advancements in technology and offerings happen. This is nothing new and has been happening in every sales industry, why should real estate be any different?

I apologize for a little rant again this week but for those of you worried about Zillow taking "your data" and "your customers," you need to change your mindset quick. You are in control of your relationships. You have the best opportunity to ask questions and listen so that you can innovate your services. Use this opportunity to your advantage.