Business Planning Mistakes

Less than one month to 2019! I know you are diving deep into business planning and as you do, be sure to avoid these mistakes.

1) Overthinking what you are already doing well.

If you have a good routine that is providing you the results you are looking for, don’t change it! Use you planning session to set goals and to tweak the parts of your business that can be improved. Do not fix what is not broken.

2) Not digging deep enough into your goals and vision.

A lot of times we’ll set goals because we think they sound good. If we are not connected to our goals and vision in a way that excites us to jump out of bed every morning, then we need to explore further. Yes, set high goals but make sure they pump you up. When you do set a goal, take a moment to visualize what it looks like to achieve. Does it put a smile on your face?

3) Too much focus on others.

Another mistake that is often made is copying another person’s plan. What works for someone else may not work for you, particularly if you don’t like doing it. On the flip side, don’t let people tell you what not to do if you love it and see success from it. I know people who absolutely kill it with cold calls but it’s not for everyone, and for those it works for, I would not tell you to stop.

4) Not keeping your plan accessible.

Once you make your plan where does it go? It should be within reach every day! Like new years resolutions, too many people drop their plan after the first month of the year; mostly because they don’t know where it is and it’s not top of mind. Keep your plan close to you so you can refer to it often and follow it!

I hope your planning continues to go well. If you were unable to join us on our FREE business planning session, watch the replay here (password is TSW). If you’re ready for the next level, sign-up for our next three Advanced Business Planning session hosted by me and my fellow Ninja Coaches.

You got this!

Matt BonelliComment