Happy Holidays! Healthy Personal Life = Healthy Business Life

The holiday season is filled with joy and family fun. We often use this time of year to disconnect from the stressful things in our world and connect with the things that make us happy. Often I hear people say around this time of year, "I wish things could be like this all year around" or "only if life was always this good." Well, why not?! Many of us will be making new year resolutions - again - some may work and some may not. Maybe this is the year you will develop your lead generation process or commit to the gym membership beyond January. What ever your resolutions are, I'm going to ask you to add one to the list. This is straight from my daily actions list and I think it will help you achieve a happy personal life and a happy business life.

Do these things every day before touching your smartphone or opening email:

  1. Do something for yourself (cup of coffee, walk the dog, go for a jog, etc.)
  2. Read something positive (starting the day with negativity is a sure way to add stress)
  3. Write out your gratitudes and affirmations (keep a journal so you can reflect back)
  4. Write two personal notes (great for business and great for your personal relationships)
  5. Pretty simple; doesn't take too long and you will start each day with positive energy.

Happy Hanukkah to those who recently finished celebrating the festival of lights, Merry Christmas to you all celebrating next Friday, and Happy Holidays to all who are celebrating even more. Have a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you in a productive 2016!

Matt BonelliComment