My Favorite Books for Business and Life

These are the books I recommend to real estate agents, salespeople, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to build a better business and live a better life, plus a few books that I just enjoy. I list my top three books followed by a continued list of all the books I have read and now recommend. If I don’t finish a book or don’t like it, it doesn’t make the list. There are some amazing books here and it wasn’t easy narrowing it down to the top three but they have played a very specific role in my businesses and life. I hope that these books bring you as much value as they have brought me.


Ninja Selling by Larry Kendall

This is THE BOOK for anyone in real estate sales. Ninja Selling is the system that I learned and brought me success in real estate. It’s also the system that I now coach through Ninja Coaching. This book teaches you everything you need to know about building relationships, attracting the business (instead of hunting for it) and includes the best buyer and seller processes out there.

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann

Every salesperson should read this book; it’s the first book that I recommend (along with Ninja Selling) to new real estate agents or anyone looking for a good business book. The Go-Giver will change the way you look at sales and business in general. I still turn to this book to inspire me and bring me back to right mindset about building a better business and living a better life.

The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk

If you know me well enough (or have followed me long enough) you know that I am a fan of Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a master of attention and has written several great books. The Thank You Economy is one of his lesser known books (compared to Crush It! and Crushing It!) but I think it is his best. It’s a great demonstration one why it’s important to pay attention to your customers and bring value first.

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More to come on this list! If you have a book that you think should be on this list, let me know!

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